Level Up Coaching

Level Up Coaching

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Leveling up simply means taking your life to the next level. We all have big dreams and goals and we want to make them come true. To achieve those goals, you have to become better, learn new skills and take new chances. When you become better, you level up.

Focused. Intense. Deliberate. Personal. Customized. Success. All words that can be used to describe the Level Up coaching program. A one-to-one coaching program that is unique; it is tailored to YOUR needs and is guaranteed to succeed.

We start by talking about your goals for the business; sales, multiple locations, a business that works without you or franchise. Next, what is the timeframe? 3, 5, 7 years? Once those processes are complete we have a destination and a flight time to get to the destination. Now we can start making the plan, a flight plan, that will take us to our goal.

Before we even board the plane, we need to do a pre-flight check. We assess the current state of the business to see if it will get you to the destination. Our Evolve Assessment, a fifteen minute online questionnaire whose results will produce a 22 page, in-depth report on your business including scores in the eight key areas of business ownership. From this report, your coach will work with you to customize a coaching plan that will make sure your plane, your business, is fully capable of making the journey.

Working with your coaching team you will decide which areas will yield the quickest results, maybe your sales and marketing, the engines, need tuning up. Is your fuel supply, cashflow, adequate to survive headwinds? How is leadership, the cockpit crew?

Once all these factors are decided, each month you will work with your coach on one of the coaching modules that will ensure a safe, smooth journey until you land at your destination.

Level Up Coaching has 3-month, 6-month and 12 month plans to help every business owner take their business to cruising altitude on the way to the your destination, wherever that may be.

Still Looking For The Right Path?

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The Ignite Success Collective

The collective mind is better than the one. Working with a coach and eleven other business owners you can draw on the experience of the collective to power your business forward. The collective mind solves problems based on the experience of the hive.

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Evolve Symposiums

A series of workshops on the key areas that are vital to the success of every business. Every workshop consists of a presentation of ideas and solutions and a roundtable discussion facilitated by a coach so you can gather the experiences of other business owners.


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What Do Our Clients Say?

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“When we first started working together, Keith helped me set goals for my business. He has then coached me on putting systems in place and held me accountable on a regular basis to show progress toward those goals.”

– Zach, Digital Marketing Agency

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“My coach’s real life experience has made all the difference. He has been in the trenches, and his systematic approach to the different aspects of my business makes sure each session is productive and keeps me focused on my vision.”

– Edward, Store Owner

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“The improvement in my business over the last five months is nothing short of miraculous. My coach has brought focus, profits are up 42%, and for the first time we have a plan for the future.”

– Paul, HVAC Company