The Ignite Success Collective

The Ignite Success Collective

group of small business owners working together to grow their businesses

What is a collective?

A cooperative enterprise or unit

A collective amount of something is the total obtained by adding together the amounts that each person or thing in a group has

Of or characteristic of a group of individuals taken together

The collective knowledge of the membership

The Ignite Success Collective is an innovative group coaching program.

  • Monthly ½ day with your coaching team & collective
  • Guest Speaker
  • Peer Group of 3 meet weekly online
  • Making A Plan
  • Monthly Book Review (book included)
  • Roundtable discussion
  • Build your Business Community
  • Quarterly Planning Day
  • Monthly membership, no long term commitments
Membership$499 per month
Membership + Team Member$799 per month
Membership + 1:1 Coaching$1,150 per month
Membership + Team Member + 1:1 Coaching$1,850 per month

What Do You Get For Your Money?

Your annual membership includes all of the below with a collective value of over $10,000.

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Tickets to 5 Workshops

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One Business Alignment

icon for one-to-one coaching

One Hour of 1:1 Business Coaching

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One Hour of 1:1 Leadership Coaching

Still Looking For The Right Path?

small business owner talking with a business coach

Level Up Coaching

Targeted, focused and specific. One-to-one coaching zooms in on the areas of your business that need immediate attention to set you on the path to growth and success. Working one to one with your coach drives your business to immediate success.

small business owners listening and learning from speaker about how to grow their businesses

Evolve Symposiums

A series of workshops on the key areas that are vital to the success of every business. Every workshop consists of a presentation of ideas and solutions and a roundtable discussion facilitated by a coach so you can gather the experiences of other business owners.


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What Do Our Clients Say?

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“When we first started working together, Keith helped me set goals for my business. He has then coached me on putting systems in place and held me accountable on a regular basis to show progress toward those goals.”

– Zach, Digital Marketing Agency

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“My coach’s real life experience has made all the difference. He has been in the trenches, and his systematic approach to the different aspects of my business makes sure each session is productive and keeps me focused on my vision.”

– Edward, Store Owner

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“The improvement in my business over the last five months is nothing short of miraculous. My coach has brought focus, profits are up 42%, and for the first time we have a plan for the future.”

– Paul, HVAC Company